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Most Americans Don't Have a Will


Research indicates that approximately 55% of Americans do not have a will, even though it is clearly one of the most important legal documents you must have during your lifetime. If you don't want to leave your estate in the hands of a government agency, it's important to put your wishes in writing.

Guardianships Apply to Adults and Minors


Guardianship is an important, court-directed process that ensures incapacitated adults and minors have their interests protected. If you hope to avoid guardianship, you'll need an effective plan that includes an advance directive, durable power of attorney, and appropriate HIPAA protection.

Online Wills Aren't for Everyone


The many online, do-it-yourself will sites work best for people with uncomplicated situations. For most, however, an online will isn't reliable. If you have significant assets, minor children, own a business, have been married multiple times, maintain foreign or dual citizenship, you probably need the advice of an attorney.


Graduates from law school receive a Juris Doctorate degree (Doctor of Law), but attorneys do not call themselves doctors and we dispense legal not medical advice. That being said, I have adopted one of the old-fashioned customs of doctors and that is the “house call.” Sometimes a client can't travel, so I meet with them at their home, office, nursing home or the hospital. For those clients who can travel, my office is located in Bradenton. That is usually convenient for Manatee County residents, but less so for those in Sarasota. For that reason I have space at a law office near downtown Sarasota where I can meet with clients. If you are interested in an estate planning consultation but have limitations with travel or prefer a Sarasota location, please call me and we can make arrangements for a location that is convenient for you.

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